Dana Clark Music

Simply the Environment

 Lyrics Copyright 2019 Dana Clark

 Traditional melody ('Tis a Gift to Be Simple) adapted by Dana Clark


We are here with a warning for there's no time to lose

We are facing a challenge we cannot refuse

 For the planet is in peril and we all have heard the news

 Will it be life or death? We're the ones who must choose


 CHORUS: With true compassion as our guide

Our work for the earth will extend planet-wide

 We will turn, turn, despair into delight

 As we're turning, turning the wrong to right


We all know global warming will be hard to control

 But a climate disaster threatens to unfold

 The tornadoes and the hurricanes take ever greater tolls

 While the ice keeps on melting at both of the poles


 Yes, the crisis is here and we cannot close our eyes

We have all seen the truth in spite of all the lies

 For the evidence has mounted though some still try to deny

 Do we know where we'll go when the sea levels rise?


Will our grandchildren suffer? Will their children breathe free?

Will their grandchildren sail on oceans that are clean?

 Will they grieve for all the animals that they will never see?

 Will the world be a desert or will it be green?